Just a little about me, my name is bert and i am a massive sports enthusiast and betting mad. I have been gambling for over 13 years now and in the last few years i am starting to make some real profit by using different markets which offer fantastic value along with a better knowledge of horse racing and spotting the best value available.

I will hit a real big bet soon this is a promise but not just that i will show a continuous profit and share my sporting knowledge and pointers to help make everybody some nice money.


All my daily or occasional pointers will be posted on the blog page and displayed on the results page too, alternativly you can follow me on twitter @bertbestbets.


The markets i like to use and think that there is fantastic value on offer are-


These markets truly are the best value markets around and so fun to get involved in, HIGHEST RATED is a stats based man of the match bet that encorperates over 200 live stats from opta. MOST SHOTS is very simple its the player with the most shots in a game blocked shots off target on target all count.


                                      This is a fantastic market and offers up some amazing value at first you will think this is a silly market and that surely its easy to pick the winner but check out the odds most favs are around 8/1 with the exception of players like bale ect+. picking the winner is harder than you first think but its still a fun market with real good value for getting the winner. More and more bookies are starting to price this market up and is getting increasingly popular and fun too with bet victor probs the stand out best to bet with. 


                             This is a market that not too many bookies do yet sky bet and betfair the main 2 at min but it getting bigger and bigger, you will be amazed at some of the value offered on players getting carded and sometimes there is stand out value waiting to be had like in the last few weeks ive had 4/1 suarez 4/1 ramsey 8/1 any keeper (in cup final) all winners.

ANYTIME TRY SCORER (rugby league)

                              The odds in this suprised me at first glance as the majority of time theres more trys in rugby than goals in football but the odds are far more generous in rugby compared to football. This IMO is more a market for multiples but singles would still be very profitable.

check out my results page for my recent history in these markets and my horse racing results

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Just a quick thank you for taking your time to look at my site hopefully this has helped in any kind of way and feel free to post any comments for me to improve or just to share opinions.